Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapy

I liked all the exercises because they made my wrist improve a lot. I didn’t dislike anything.

Milline P.

Everyone is friendly and they made me feel loved and welcomed.

Lynne C.

I like the equipment and the very dedicated workers

Tyrell H.

I love the activities that were provided for strengthening. I enjoyed Heather, she was pleasant and always greeted with a smile. The atmosphere when you walk into the building was a home like environment. Everyone was nice.


I like the friendly, caring individuals that take and do their job very professional and well! They all go above and beyond to make sure goals and concerns are met! Thank you to each and everyone of you that have helped all of the children ya’ll have touched dearly.

Jennifer B.

They show so much care and love.


Very professional and listens to clients, fine group of OTs.

James U.

Very informative about goals and made my son feel very comfortable and special! Brooke was easy to contact and always receptive.

Chelsea B.

Great communication, activities were engaging to Jeremiah, he gained a lot of learning.

Lydia B.

Heather was patient, willing to try new ideas that may help in progression. Services were flexible. I only disliked that they had to end ūüôĀ nothing negative to say, Blair and Heather are great to work with.

Shannon W.

I really enjoyed how practical all the exercises were. The staff was absolutely FABULOUS.

Alicia S.

They were very careful and helpful in all exercises. They don’t force things on us if we say its too painful or bothers us. Great staff and my therapist Heather IS AWESOME.

Cindy J.

They were hospitable, personable, and most of all showing love to all people. Reaching your goal in life.


I liked how friendly and personal therapy was.

Margaret B.

I liked the friendliness of the entire staff and how encouraging everyone was.

Penny M.

Appointments were same time weekly with the same person. All help and instruction were positive and encouraging. I couldn’t be ready for work without the help of OT.

Jan E.

Staff were very professional, helpful, and enjoyable to work with.

Aaron S.

I was very happy with everything.

Santana B.

I loved the friendly staff. My child was very comfortable which made his therapy easier. I loved that after each visit the therapist would come out and discuss what they had been working on etc…staff was always professional and communication was open.

Penny A.

Very friendly place and very friendly people working there. Helped me a lot with my finger.

Patrick M.

I love everything about Advantage OT! The staff are very professional and extremely nice. ¬†Heather has been amazing working with Sully. ¬†I couldn’t ask for a better place for Sully’s OT needs.

Emily B.

Very helpful in pin-pointing the issues beyond food that my child struggles with.  Everyone has been very cheerful and helpful.

Alice S.

I think the therapy I received was very good.  It helped me to get my hand back working good and the strength is getting better everyday with the exercises I am doing.


Everything was good!

Anthony S.

Liked the therapists and the professional way they do their jobs–friendly

Judy A.

I loved it all! Everyone was very nice and helpful.


Staff is always so friendly. Heather was great. Very attentive to my needs and listened to my concerns. Great experience.

Heather W.

My sincere “thanks” to you for all your help.

Carol K.

They are nice, friendly, and caring people. If I need them again, I will be coming back for sure.

Tina H.

Staff is friendly and understanding. Willing to use techniques and games to help get [my] child to interact easily. Great flexibility with scheduling.

Megan P.

Everything was great! Everyone was super helpful and polite and they treated me well every time I went.

John W.

The quality of therapy, professionalism and timeliness was excellent!  My daughter was treated like one of their own and she loved coming to the sessions.

Shelley B.

Excellent! The therapist is awesome. The company as a whole is very informative and helpful.

Robin E.

The staff was wonderful and very helpful for my health now and future health also.

Robin M.

The ladies are very nice and made sure that I understood the exercises for home and in the sessions.  They pushed me to improve and wanted me to get better.

Amberal J.

The friendliness and support of everyone made the experience very much comforting.  It helps when everyone feels like family, when someone is working with your child with special needs.  The knowledge and support here makes us feel very lucky we came to Advantage OT!

Sarah W.

I liked the quality of services and the attention they showed to my grandson during the tiring times.  They were patient with me and my family.  I also loved the amount of time they spent helping us.

Cynthia H.

I liked how Dalton loved coming and working with Mrs. Heather and also how he would come out of the sessions happy and tell me he tied Mrs. Heather’s shoes. ¬†Advantage OT has helped Dalton overcome so many things!

Mary W.

It was a joy to work with Advantage OT.  The entire staff could not have been more professional.  They took their time and addressed every concern.  They also helped my son maximize his potential.

 Jeff C.

Ashley is a wonderful therapist. ¬†I loved all the ideas she utilized during therapy to target skills. ¬†Ashley was professional, caring, and thorough in all aspects of her work with us. ¬†All staff members were kind and respectful during all interactions. ¬†A variety of age appropriate ideas were shared so we could work on skills at home. ¬†You have forever changed my son’s life for the better. ¬†We appreciate you and we will never forget you!

Jennifer T.

Excellent! ¬†I loved their patience and friendliness with the kids. ¬†They’re always understanding and timely. ¬†I can’t think of one time when I didn’t feel welcome or came in and didn’t see everyone smiling.

Latifa S.

Excellent! ¬†Advantage OT really helped my child’s progress while his finger was healing. ¬†I love the fact that my child was so excited every week about going to therapy. ¬†I would most definitely recommend Advantage OT to others!

Amy P.

Excellent. ¬†I liked when my son’s OT let me go back in the room with them and she taught me what to do to help him. ¬† That was very informative and helpful. ¬†I would recommend Advantage OT to others!

LeAnna H.

Excellent! ¬†My son really enjoys coming to therapy! ¬†He is making progress very quickly and even hands me his “security” toys before going back for therapy. ¬†His fine motor skills are so much better! ¬†He is even starting eat with utensils.

Holly B.

Excellent! ¬†The therapist always greets my daughter with a smile.¬† She is encouraging and always finds a way to praise even her smallest effort.¬† They work on things that will help her with life skills, but also be successful in school.¬† It has been, and continues to be one of the best decisions I’ve made for my special little one. ¬†I have and will continue to recommend Advantage OT to others.

Miriam S.

Excellent! ¬†I love the fact that our therapists love my child and treat her as their own, striving for what is best to reach her goals. ¬†Because of my daughter’s medical diagnosis, the therapist works to accommodate her schedule to ensure the best timing for my daughter. ¬†Advantage OT keeps us up to date on current needs and things we can work on at home. ¬†They keep you informed of progress and re-evaluate in a timely manner. ¬†I would most definitely recommend Advantage OT! ¬†Without their help, my daughter may not be reaching her developmental milestones as needed.

Robin M.

I have seen a significant change since my son has been receiving services at Advantage OT. ¬†His therapist makes sure that he focuses on exercises that help him in his daily life and works one on one with him so he meets his goals. ¬†I love the staff, they are very kind and friendly, and they take great care of my son’s needs. They are the best and I always recommend them!

Youlanda P.

Therapy helps my son and it also helps me learn how to work with him daily on fine motor skills, grasp and release toys, and hand-eye coordination.  Without Advantage OT, my son would not be where he is today.

Beverly S.

I like the individual services that the staff provide to my grandchild.  They keep us very informed on his needs, strengths and how we can work together for the benefit of my grandchild.

Cynthia H.

The occupational therapist has worked wonders with my son.  I think that they are doing a great job.

Stacy D.

Our son has been an Advantage OT client for over a year and his progress has been amazing! Prior to working with Blair and Brittney, our son had a difficult time using the right side of his body. With their help, he has strengthened his muscles and now uses his right hand to pick up objects and helps dress himself! He has been introduced to new activities (such as finger painting), adjusted to becoming comfortable with new textures, and gained more confidence in his abilities. We have been extremely pleased with our son’s progress and we know that we have Advantage OT to thank!

Dorothy M.

I couldn’t ask for a better OT. My son loves Ashley and since she has been seeing him, he has improved so much. He had a very hard time using his left hand and now he uses both hands and acknowledges his left hand.

Nida R.

My daughter was diagnosed at birth with a metabolic disorder. Since then she has been in and out of the doctor’s office and hospital. As she developed, the family noticed her sensitivity to sound, smell, and touch. Her sensitivity even stretched to people, crowds, and public spaces. After numerous visits, the doctor recommended additional testing and therapy. She has been diagnosed with sensory disorder.

She currently receives OT from Advantage OT, PC. Her therapist, Ashley, is beyond amazing with her. My daughter LOVES her. She is learning to use her motor skills more effectively. Her sensitivity to touch is getting better because of the exercises they do together. She can communicate her desires better. Her social and emotional skills are improving. She is learning words, counting, talking, and opening up emotionally. Ashley even teaches me activities to do with my daughter to help continue her growth and improvement.

The progress we have made is tremendous. I can now take her to the grocery store or out for a brief shopping trip without incident. My daughter just recently celebrated her second birthday with a park picnic. Many of our friends and family attended. It was a great success. We have a long way to go but Advantage OT, PC is helping make our journey a much more pleasant and easy one!

¬Ě ¬†Shannon D.